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Check-Out Procedures

  1. At the end of your stay, remove the sheets and pillowcases from each occupied bed. Place these sheets and pillowcases in the designated basket in the room, and leave the rest to us!
  2. Next, place all towels, hand towels, turban towels, and washcloths in the labeled baskets.
  3. Collect ALL garbage throughout the retreat center and place it in the large trash receptacles outside the garage/shop. Ensure that all trash is bagged and tied securely. Please avoid leaving any loose trash in the outside receptacles. If needed, you can find kitchen trash bags under the kitchen sink, and bathroom trash liners under the bathroom sinks.
  4. Please do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter. Make sure to wash pots and pans before your departure. (We will unload the dishwasher for you! – Just turn it on and leave the rest to us!) You can find dishwasher tablets under the sink. Also, leave all used kitchen towels, washcloths, and hot pads on the counter or in the sink.
  5. If you’ve spilled in the fridge or spattered in the microwave, please be kind and wipe it up. Please discard any leftover or unused food in the outside trash receptacles. You may leave condiments in their original containers for the next group.
  6. Turn off lights, ceiling fans, other electronics, and make sure the irons are unplugged.
  7. Remember to return sewing tools, rulers, irons, books, and other items to their original storage location.
  8. Close and lock the windows and doors. Place the key in the porch lockbox by the kitchen door and make sure it is securely stored.
  9. Before leaving, kindly sign our guestbook and tell us about your experience!

Thank You!
We look forward to your next stay at Three Cedars Farm Retreat Center